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Rusty Solomon Is The President Of FiberFab

Rusty Solomon Is The President Of FiberFab

Rusty SolomonRusty Solomon holds the positions of both founder and CEO at Fiber Fab Incorporated. Having been a part of the industry since the mid 1990s, Rusty Solomon holds a reputation as an experienced telecommunications veteran. Fiber Fab Incorporated, being a family business that involves Rusty Solomon, his brother, Joe, and the pair’s father, Rudolph. The company was first established in and operates primarily from Mispuka, Washington. However, Rusty Solomon and his family have started up a branch which is conveniently located in Vail, Colorado, as well.

Rusty Solomon’s Fiber Fab Incorporated is a telecommunications company whose knowledge and expertise lies in the placement of fiber optics. The company has partnerships with numerous companies all throughout the United States. Fiber Fab even has contracts with some of the big name corporations in telecommunications such as Visionquest, Bellsouth Mobility and Time Warner. Fiber Fab firmly believes in working with and providing on-location services to all of their clients.

Rusty Solomon believes the goal of Fiber Fab Incorporated’s Cable Placement and Directional Drilling Divisions is to give clients highly specialized service, as well as to help the business attain its ultimate goals. Everyone working at for Rusty Solomon believes that quality work is an essential part of any successful company that has many satisfied clients.

Because Rusty Solomon, his brother and his father subscribe to the principles of hard, high quality work and good business strategies that many businesses view as outdated and old fashioned, Fiber Fab Incorporated has maintained its reputation as a highly successful modern telecommunications business.

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